Resin Bound Driveways Christchurch

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Resin Bound Driveways Christchurch

Are you looking to transform your outdoor space with a brand-new driveway? Maybe your current one has seen better days, or perhaps you’ve managed all this time without one. Here at Resin Wize, we take immense pride in being the number one purveyor of resin bound driveways. Christchurch customers, our driveways are made from quality resin that’s strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. To learn more about these excellent, affordable options, call us on 03330068424.

Professional Quality Resin Bound Driveways in Christchurch

Here at Resin Wize, we specialise in providing only the most exceptional driveway installations. If you’re weighing up your options, we highly recommend resin bound driveways. Christchurch customers, not only will these driveways last a lifetime, but with an almost limitless array of colour options available, yours will look truly unique. With our affordable service, splashing out on a new driveway won’t cost you a small fortune either.

For years, we’ve installed throughout Christchurch resin bound driveways and have refined our approach. Our technique is efficient and saves time, and thanks to the excellent characteristics of resin, a standard installation will cost less than material analogues, such as tarmac and block paving. Want to find out more? Then keep reading or give us a call if you have any questions.

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The Finest Resin Bound Driveways Christchurch Has to Offer

We specialise in designing and constructing places where our customers can safely park their vehicle. Even if a driveway didn’t exist previously, this is no problem for us as we will take care of any groundwork preparation. And as we tailor all resin bound driveways in Christchurch to the individual client, you’ll have complete control over the colours and finishes that we apply.

How is this possible? Because resin bound driveways, Christchurch customers, are made by mixing resin with one or more aggregates. Aggregates are coloured stone chippings of which there are a lot to choose from; there’s even the option to mix and match. So, with our help, you can envision a driveway with a colour scheme that stands out from your neighbours’ driveways.

While we’re at it, we’ll take measurements to minimise wastage and avoid errors and consider other aspects, such as how to increase parking capacity and accessibility. Also, we can construct additional features too, including fencing, walls, and paving.

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    More Information

    Can Resin Surfacing Be Applied to an Existing Surface?

    The beauty of resin surfacing is that it can be laid straight over an existing surface such as concrete or tarmac. The only real requirement is that the current surface be stable enough to support the resin surface on top. If the foundations are found to be too badly worn, the existing surface would need to be stripped away and a new base prepared. We usually advise a new base as this ensures a longer service life.

    Are There Any Surfaces Which Aren’t Suitable for This Purpose?

    Yes. Resin surfacing should never be laid on top of concrete slabs, block or crazy paving. The reason for this is that these aren’t uniform surfaces, rather, they consist of individual components which can potentially shift. Any such movements could cause the resin to crack compromising your driveway.

    Will My Driveway Fade/ Change Colour?

    No. The resin we use is UV-stable, so it won’t fade or change colour even in direct sunlight. A resin driveway will sport the same eye-catching colours for the entire duration of its life cycle.

    Is Resin Surfacing Strong Enough to Take the Weight of a Vehicle?

    For paths and patios, a softer aggregate is often used which isn’t suitable. But, for driveways, a tougher, more hard-wearing aggregate is used which can withstand up to 30 tonnes of weight. This well exceeds the maximum weight limit of even the heaviest car. In short, resin surfaces can more than comfortably support one or multiple vehicles.


    Once we’ve finalised a design with you, you’ll be presented with a no-obligation quotation. If you’ve shopped around elsewhere, let us know, as we offer genuine, like-for-like quotations. Christchurch, resin bound driveways installed by us will typically be laid to a depth of around 12-24mm. Our team will carry out all the work and ensure that the strictest quality standards are adhered to throughout.

    Resin bound driveways in Christchurch

    If you’re looking for an excellent choice for your new driveway that’s porous, resin bound driveways are an excellent choice as they are SUDs (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) compatible. Other benefits of these driveways include:

    • 25-Year Product
    • Very Economical
    • Eco-Friendly
    • Rapid-Fast Installation
    • Puddle-Free

    When looking at these benefits, it’s clear to see why you should consider our resin bound driveways, Christchurch customers.

    Proud to Offer Christchurch Resin Bound Driveways of the Highest Quality

    At Resin Wize, we’re considered to be among the most experienced surfacing companies that deal with resin surfaces here in the UK. Our impressive skill and expertise have earned us a solid reputation throughout the industry and made us the first port of call for many customers. With a team consisting of ex-civil engineers, exceptional workmanship and expert advice are all but assured.

    And the best part is that our resin bound driveways in Christchurch won’t cost you a fortune either. Our services are as affordable as they can possibly be without making sacrifices, such as using sub-standard materials. Every driveway is constructed using natural stone and water-based polyurethane resin, commonly used to protect the hulls of modern-day ships.

    Plus, with an installation time averaging around 1-3 days, you won’t be kept waiting for your resin bound driveways, Christchurch customers. If you’d like to see evidence of our work, click on our gallery page where you’ll find images of projects we’ve completed in the past.

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    Want to learn more about resin bound driveways? Christchurch customers can contact Resin Wize on 03330068424, get in touch through our online contact form, or drop us an email at

    Commercial Resin Bound Surfacing Specialists Christchurch
    Commercial Resin Bound Surfacing Specialists Christchurch
    Commercial Resin Bound Surfacing Specialists Christchurch
    Commercial Resin Bound Surfacing Specialists Christchurch


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