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Tired of looking at the same old worn out driveway? Make a change today by contacting Resin Wize, a stand out amongst driveway companies. Hampshire customers can get in contact today on 03330068424 to organise a FREE quotation at a time that is convenient.

A Long-Lasting Product, Professionally Installed

Here at Resin Wize, we believe that there are a number of benefits when using us as opposed to other driveway companies. Hampshire residents will find that we are both efficient and helpful as we will always do our utmost to get your driveway exactly the way you want it.

When choosing us to work on your driveway, we will guide you through the process of getting the design you want with ease. Our experts will measure and create a digital template of your new driveway, in which you will be able to decide from an incredibly wide variety of colours and finishes. Then, once you’re satisfied with everything, we will give you a free quotation that details all of the individual costs. We understand that you’ll want to start using your new surface as soon as possible, which is why our professional team will work tirelessly to get the job done. When compared to other driveway companies in Hampshire, we prove to be one of the most efficient when it comes to laying down your new surface. Our team usually complete projects within 1-3 days and will ensure that once completed, your new driveway will be left clean and presentable.

There are a number of benefits to converting to a resin surface driveway, with one of the most important that it provides you with a safe surface both to walk on and park your vehicle. As one of the leading Hampshire driveway companies, our surfaces are long-lasting and durable, being specifically produced to withstand a large mass.

One of the Most Versatile Driveway Companies in Hampshire

Whilst generally being an all-around safer material, a resin surface is also incredibly pleasing on the eye, adding a touch of class to any home exterior. This added aesthetic benefit means that here at Resin Wize we are one of the few driveway companies Hampshire has that offer a patio laying service. With all of our surfaces being UV-stable, they retain their colour through their lifetime and look stunning in a back garden set up.

Although a lot of our work is domestically based, Resin Wize also boasts a number of commercial options putting us amongst the most esteemed driveway companies Hampshire has. We cater to and approach large scale jobs in the same way that we handle our domestic work and complete projects with the same level of competence and efficiency.

Some example of how our services can be used on a commercial basis includes work on:

  • Car Parks
  • Private Road Access
  • Recreational Area Paving
  • Forecourts

We believe that it is important to be flexible for our customers, which is why we feel we are a premium choice amongst driveway companies. Hampshire residents can be assured that whilst we offer affordable prices, we still provide a product that is of the highest quality.

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    More Information

    Can Resin Surfacing Be Applied to an Existing Surface?

    The beauty of resin surfacing is that it can be laid straight over an existing surface such as concrete or tarmac. The only real requirement is that the current surface be stable enough to support the resin surface on top. If the foundations are found to be too badly worn, the existing surface would need to be stripped away and a new base prepared. We usually advise a new base as this ensures a longer service life.

    Are There Any Surfaces Which Aren’t Suitable for This Purpose?

    Yes. Resin surfacing should never be laid on top of concrete slabs, block or crazy paving. The reason for this is that these aren’t uniform surfaces, rather, they consist of individual components which can potentially shift. Any such movements could cause the resin to crack compromising your driveway.

    Will My Driveway Fade/ Change Colour?

    No. The resin we use is UV-stable, so it won’t fade or change colour even in direct sunlight. A resin driveway will sport the same eye-catching colours for the entire duration of its life cycle.

    Is Resin Surfacing Strong Enough to Take the Weight of a Vehicle?

    For paths and patios, a softer aggregate is often used which isn’t suitable. But, for driveways, a tougher, more hard-wearing aggregate is used which can withstand up to 30 tonnes of weight. This well exceeds the maximum weight limit of even the heaviest car. In short, resin surfaces can more than comfortably support one or multiple vehicles.

    Why Choose One of the Leading Hampshire Driveway Companies?

    Aside from providing a great product, Resin Wize is also one of the most notable driveway companies Hampshire has regarding customer care. Getting a new driveway can be a daunting prospect, so whether you know exactly what you want, or are starting completely from scratch, we will be there to help.

    Other Hampshire driveway companies can’t compete with our skilled team that is made up of ex-civil engineers who carry with them a vast amount of experience. These highly qualified professionals take the quality of their work very seriously and will talk you through the process from start to finish in order to make your life easier.

    We are also one of the only driveway companies in Hampshire to have worked on projects with a number of local councils. We feel that this is a testament to the high quality of our work and further proves that we are a reliable company to entrust with working on your driveway.

    Contact Us

    So, if you’re looking for a high quality, good-looking, and professionally installed driveway, get in touch with Resin Wize today and enjoy the benefits of using one of the best driveway companies Hampshire has to offer. Call us now on 03330068424 or 03330068424 and schedule a FREE quote today.

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