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Commercial Resin Bound Gravel Surfacing Bournemouth

Transform your outdoor space with quality commercial resin bound gravel surfacing. Bournemouth customers, an investment such as this is sure to resonate well with your customers who will be left in awe of the stunning finishes that we can deliver. Whether you’re adding a driveway, car park, forecourt, or pathways, we’ll provide an affordable solution that will last a lifetime. To find out more, call Resin Wize on 01202985003.

Professional Quality Commercial Resin Bound Gravel Surfacing in Bournemouth

For commercial property owners, appearance is everything, and first impressions count. You want your customers to be impressed before they’ve even set foot inside, and a great way to accomplish this is with commercial resin bound gravel surfacing. Bournemouth customers, these surfaces also provide a practical element, and so you’ll want to reach out to Resin Wize to inquire about them further.

For years, we’ve provided Bournemouth commercial resin bound gravel surfacing that’s truly out of this world. Not only do these surfaces provide a convenient place for customers and employees to park, but they look great too. And that’s not all, as other benefits include:

  • 25-Year Product
  • Economical to Install
  • Wide Range of Colour Options
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Puddle-Free
  • Rapid-Fast Installation

Would you like to find out more about commercial resin bound gravel surfacing, Bournemouth customers? Then keep reading or give Resin Wize a call today.

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    More Information

    Can Resin Surfacing Be Applied to an Existing Surface?

    The beauty of resin surfacing is that it can be laid straight over an existing surface such as concrete or tarmac. The only real requirement is that the current surface be stable enough to support the resin surface on top. If the foundations are found to be too badly worn, the existing surface would need to be stripped away and a new base prepared. We usually advise a new base as this ensures a longer service life.

    Are There Any Surfaces Which Aren’t Suitable for This Purpose?

    Yes. Resin surfacing should never be laid on top of concrete slabs, block or crazy paving. The reason for this is that these aren’t uniform surfaces, rather, they consist of individual components which can potentially shift. Any such movements could cause the resin to crack compromising your driveway.

    Will My Driveway Fade/ Change Colour?

    No. The resin we use is UV-stable, so it won’t fade or change colour even in direct sunlight. A resin driveway will sport the same eye-catching colours for the entire duration of its life cycle.

    Is Resin Surfacing Strong Enough to Take the Weight of a Vehicle?

    For paths and patios, a softer aggregate is often used which isn’t suitable. But, for driveways, a tougher, more hard-wearing aggregate is used which can withstand up to 30 tonnes of weight. This well exceeds the maximum weight limit of even the heaviest car. In short, resin surfaces can more than comfortably support one or multiple vehicles.

    Here to Provide Bournemouth Commercial Resin Bound Gravel Surfacing of the Highest Quality

    Our team installing commercial resin bound gravel surfacing in Bournemouth.

    The process starts with a consultation in which we’ll discuss your requirements and determine how much you’re looking to spend. To avoid errors and keep wastage to a minimum, we’ll take measurements, and even look at ways to improve parking capacity and accessibility. For commercial resin bound gravel surfacing, Bournemouth customers can also choose from a range of colours.

    Resin bound surfaces are created by mixing resin with one or more aggregates, and it’s these aggregates which let us customise the colour. Aggregates are small stone chippings which are available in an almost limitless range of colour options. And as you can mix and match, you’re free to specify a combination that guarantees a unique finish for your commercial resin bound gravel surfacing in Bournemouth.

    Eco-Friendly and Long-Lasting

    As well as looking great, our surfaces will also last a lifetime thanks to the water-based, UV-stable polyurethane resin that we use. We can create any surface, from recreational areas and courtyards to car parks and forecourts. These surfaces can be installed over any other compatible surface, and won’t discolour or fade over time.

    Once installed, up to 30-tonnes of weight can be supported by our commercial resin bound gravel surfacing, Bournemouth customers. Plus, thanks to the porous nature of resin bound surfaces, they are Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDs) compliant. Water can pass through, and the surface will even provide natural filtration.

    And the ‘heat island’ effect is mitigated, as heat won’t accumulate in the soil underneath as it does with tarmac and asphalt. The result is an eco-friendly option that won’t deteriorate anywhere near as quickly as other surfacing analogues. So, as you can see, a resin bound surface really is a fantastic investment for both domestic and commercial customers.

    Would you like to find out more about our company and service? More information is included below, or you can call Resin Wize on 01202985003.

    Why Choose Us for Your Commercial Resin Bound Gravel Surfacing, Bournemouth Customers?

    Looking for an experienced surfacing company with a specialist team and years of experience backing them? Then look no further than Resin Wize, as, for years, we’ve provided Bournemouth commercial resin bound gravel surfacing which is beyond compare. Our solid reputation is also built on the impressive standard, both in terms of affordability and customer service, that we’ve set.

    With a team of ex-civil engineers on call, no request is too big or small for us to handle. Our experts have seen it all and boast a knowledge base that’s unrivalled. You can be assured that when you hire our team, you’ll receive the best possible service tailored to your requirements and budget. And as we match any genuine, like-for-like quote, you’ll always be charged the most competitive price around.

    Standard installation time is around 1-3 days, and we never cut corners. Our team will carry out all the work, and once they’re done installing your commercial resin bound gravel surfacing in Bournemouth, everything will be left neat and tidy.

    If you’d like to view examples of our work, be sure to click on our gallery page.

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    To get in touch with Resin Wize about commercial resin bound gravel surfacing, Bournemouth customers can call us on 01202985003, fill out our contact form or email us at info@resinwize.uk.

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